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Pack 586 Inclusive Scouting Announcement

Akelas and Friends of Pack 586,

Our unit has proudly and loudly proclaimed that we are an inclusive unit. On Monday night, our Pack Committee decided to take a significant step to open Scouting to everyone.

Starting on Jan. 15th we will invite girls to join our Pack. At our Blue and Gold on the afternoon of Feb. 3rd we will celebrate our scouting values and award these pioneers their Bobcat badges and start them on the trail to Eagle Scout.

As many of you have seen, we have welcomed girls in to our program all year. It’s right that they now get to participate as full-fledged members of our Pack. They will wear the uniform, complete the advancement requirements and earn badges and belt loops.

Our Pack has strived to make scouting accessible to as many families in our community as possible — officially opening the program up to girls will help us achieve that goal. If your family has a daughter interested in Cub Scouts and she’s in first, second or third grade, we are very eager to have her join.

There are many details to be worked out, but we wanted to get started. We are one of ten units chosen by the Atlanta Area Council to be early adopters and the lessons we learn will help others.

We know there will be a lot of questions and we will do our best to answer them. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please send them to   or Naka at

As always, Do your best,

Tim Van de Water, Committee Chair
Naka Nathaniel, Cubmaster